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Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
obama is scheduled to address the delegates. >>> a stolen truck used by the secret service in detroit has been recovered. some of the agency's equipment was in the truck when it was taken yesterday. it was found today in a parking lot. they declined to give details on what happened. vice president joe biden made an appearance there today. >>> mitt romney micked business and -- mixed business and pleasure today. they visited the harbor in new hampshire. after some instruction she took off in a jet ski and mitt romney followed in a boat close by. >> we have a very crystal clear choice. we can choose to stay on the path we are on, a path of debt, doubt, decline or we can turn things around, elected mitt romney -- elect mitt romney and get america back on track. >> paul ryan campaigned today in north carolina where the democrats begin their convention tomorrow. he spoke at east carolina university. >>> san jose police are looking for a third suspect in a marijuana club robbery. police are searching door to door. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. this morning three men robbed
Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm PDT
being caught with a gun in her purse at city hall in detroit. elmira sutton is charged with carrying a concealed weapon. a gun in her purse was caught on x-rays. sutton is currently being held on $5,000 bond and is set to return to court next thursday. >>> two men who applied to a job at in-n-out burger are suing the chain for race and age discrimination. paul chambers did his own unscientific poll today and tell us us what he observed when it comes to the diversity of in-n-out burger. >> reporter: in-n-out burger is known for its fries and other items but it's not known for diversity, they say. >> this is a clear-cut case of age and race discrimination. >> reporter: the two men are both african-american, over the age of 40, and suing in-n-out burger. both men say they were passed up for positions in oakland and san francisco. >> every organization has the ability to turn people down. but when you start to see systemic discrimination, that's where the problem lies. >> reporter: they released this statement. in-n-out burger does not discriminate in our hiring policies or practices. we
Sep 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. the officers are wearing 49ers gear or detroit lions colors. they plan to be in fan areas including the stands and will be looking for unruly fans. 49er fans should treat the lions fans as if they are officers because they could be. >>> the owners of a san jose sharks asked for fans to be patient after the lock out was announced. the owner said that please know the fans and partners are our number one priority. your excitement and mitt commitment to the franchise is, unparalleled. players blame the owners for the labor dispute saying they are working for a deal that's fair for everybody involved and they apologized to the fans. >>> time for us to look at the weekend forecast. pretty nice today. let's go to mark. a little bit cooler than yesterday. >> that's right. temperatures have been dropping off. this to the last weekend of summer. >> can't believe it. get ready for fall. we were talking about a cooling trend. the low clouds and fog as you can pick out showing up on the satellite hugging the coastline. few patches in to the bay and a few high clouds as well. we have a good on shore breez
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3